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Acute Pulmonary Embolism

History: 55 year old male with shortness of breath This is a case of acute pulmonary embolism. A pulmonary embolism is a blood clot which travels via the heart into the arteries that supply blood to the lungs. Typically the blood clot arises from the lower extremities, what is known as a deep vein thrombosis. … Continue reading

Left Ventricular Free Wall Rupture

History: 70 year old male with abdominal pain status post cholecystectomy This is a case of acute contained left ventricular free wall rupture diagnosed on a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis obtained for abdominal pain. The patient had a myocardial infarction two days prior. The table below details the mechanical complications of myocardial … Continue reading

Right Upper Lobe Lung Cancer with Rib Metastasis

History: Middle aged man with a history of smoking, cough, and chest pain.  This is a case of Lung Cancer with a metastasis to the contralateral ribs. Any spiculated lung mass in a patient with a history of smoking should be considered lung cancer until proven otherwise. Read this article here regarding the differential diagnosis … Continue reading

The Golden S Sign – Right Upper Lobe Collapse

History: middle aged female with cough.  This is a nice example of right upper lobe collapse and the classic Golden S sign, which is the elevated minor fissure convex inferiorly on the proximal/medial portion and concave inferiorly on the distal or lateral portion. This sign is classically seen with post-obstructive atelectasis due to a central … Continue reading

Non-Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema Mnemonic – NOT CARDIAC

This mnemonic has been commonly used to recall the non-cardiogenic causes of pulmonary edema: N – Near drowning O – oxygen therapy T – Transfusion related acute lung injury or Trauma C – CNS (neurogenic pulmonary edema) A – Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, aspiration, altitude (high altitude pulmonary edema or HAPE) R – renal disorder or … Continue reading

Contrast Enhancing Mediastinal Mass Mnemonic – CAPT CAPT

This mnemonic is commonly used to recall the differential diagnosis for contrast enhancing mediastinal masses: CAPT CAPT C – Carcinoid tumor A – Aneurysm P – Paraganglioma T – Thyroid C – Castleman A – Anuerysm (I know, its mentioned twice because you definitely don’t want to miss this one) P – Parathyroid T – … Continue reading

Solution to Unknown Case #38 – Esophageal Bronchus

History: Adult male with chest pain.  This is a case of an esophageal bronchus, which is a congenital foregut abnormality sometimes also referred to as communicating bronchopulmonary foregut malformation. An esophageal bronchus typically feeds the medial basal segment of the right lower lobe and puts the patient at risk for recurrent pneumonia in that segment. … Continue reading

Unknown Case #38 – CT Chest Male with Chest Pain

History: Male with chest pain.  What is your diagnosis for this patient with chest pain? Comment and share below! Find the answer to this case here.

Premature Insulation Failure In Recalled Riata Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator

History: 65 year old male with chest pain.  This is a case of premature insulation failure in an implantable cardioverter defibrillator wire. Below is a gross picture of the failed wire. Many studies have been done on this ICD, which is called the Riata from St. Jude Medical, Inc, and have shown that insulation failure … Continue reading

Pericardial Cyst

History: Male with chest pain.  This is the classic location and appearance of a pericardial cyst, which is an outpouching of the parietal pericardium that collects simple fluid. Pericardial cysts represent 6% of mediastinal masses. See the differential diagnosis of caridophrenic angle masses here.