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Solution to Unknown Case # 7 – Focal Orchitis with Pyocele

History: Adolescent male with scrotal pain. This is a case of focal orchitis with pyocele, which characteristically appears as an ill-defined hypoechoic heterogenous lesion in the testicle on grayscale ultrasound, with increased flow on color Doppler ultrasound. This is distinguished from an intratesticular abscess by having internal flow on Doppler ultrasound. Intratesticular abscess would be … Continue reading

Unknown Case # 7 – Adolescent Testicular Ultrasound

History: Adolescent male with scrotal pain.  What is your diagnosis? What is your differential diagnosis? Comment, like, pin, share below!

Leydig Cell Tumor of Testicle

History: 35 year old male with right sided scrotal pain.  The differential for this lesion is broad, however, in the absence of trauma or symptoms of infection, benign and malignant neoplasms are considered. The diagnosis in this case was Leydig cell tumor, which is a tumor of the testicular interstitial cells and is categorized with … Continue reading

Scrotal Fibrous Pseudotumor

History: 55 year old male with incidental lump in his scrotum.  The imaging here is essentially diagnostic of scrotal fibrous pseudotumor, particularly, the marked hypointensity on T2W MR imaging. A scrotal fibrous pseudotumor typically arises from the tunica albuginea or vaginalis and can break free to form a “scrotal mouse.”

Testicular Seminoma – Differential Diagnosis of a Testicular Mass on Ultrasound

History: 35 year old male with 2 week history of right sided scrotal swelling, persistent after a trial of antibiotics.  The differential in this case given the absence of change with antibiotic treatment and absence of symptoms of infection, includes neoplasms such as testicular seminoma, and non-seminomatous tumors such as embryonal cell (the type that … Continue reading