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Retained Products of Conception

History: 35 year old female with vaginal bleeding after 1st trimester miscarriage.  This is a case of retained products of conception. Retained products of conception can occur after miscarriage, abortion, normal delivery, or after a dilatation and curretage procedure. Clinical examination and symptoms of retained products of conception are nonspecific and may mimic those that occur during the … Continue reading

Ectopic Pregnancy – The Tubal Ring Sign, Ring of Fire, and Pseudogestational Sac

History 28 year old female presenting with right lower quadrant pain. Positive urine pregnancy test. This is a case of a tubal ectopic pregnancy. The differential diagnosis in this case includes corpus luteum of pregnancy, incidental adnexal mass, and intrauterine pregnancy. A corpus luteum of pregnancy will typically show the classic “ring of fire” pattern, … Continue reading