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Ovarian Dermoid Cyst MRI

History: 14 year old female with right lower quadrant pain This is the appearance of an ovarian dermoid cyst on MRI, also known as a mature teratoma. The name teratoma gives a clue as to the histology of the dermoid cyst, usually containing parenchymal cell types from all three germ cell layers (mesoderm, endoderm, and … Continue reading

Ovarian Fibroma on Ultrasound

History: 40 year old female with pelvic pain. The imaging appearance here is consistent with a solid adnexal mass. The differential diagnosis in this case includes pedunculated uterine fibroid, ovarian torsion, Brenner Tumor, fibroma or fibrothecoma, lymphadenopathy, GI tumors and Bladder tumors. The final diagnosis on pathology was ovarian fibroma. These are benign tumors of … Continue reading