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Solution to Unknown Case # 11 – Differential Diagnosis of a Cystic Pediatric Neck Mass

History: 5 year old male with a midline neck mass.  This is the appearance of a lymphatic malformation, which use to be termed “cystic hygroma.” A lymphatic malformation is a congenital malformation of lymph channels which collect into embryonic lymphatic sacs. They can virtually be found in any head and neck location, and are characteristically … Continue reading

Parathyroid Adenoma

History: 50 year old female with a history of hypercalcemia. The patient went on to receive a CT scan of the neck with contrast which revealed an enhancing nodule posterior to the inferior right thyroid lobe, which was excised and confirmed on pathology to be a parathyroid adenoma. Hyperparathyroidism was the etiology of the patient’s … Continue reading