Musculoskeletal Disorders

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Pes Planus

History: 35 year old male with foot pain.  This is the appearance of pes planus, or flatfoot, which occurs in up to 20% of adults with no other abnormalities. There are many contributors to pes planus deformity, including hindfoot valgus shown by increased talocalcaneal angle to greater than 45 degrees, midfoot sag or lisfranc ligament … Continue reading

Fused Rib or Rib Synostosis

History: 50 year old man with chest pain and shortness of breath. This is the appearance of a fused rib, or rib synostosis. Typically fused ribs are either congenitally fused or can become fused as a result of remote traumatic injury to the region of the fused ribs. Rib synostoses are relatively common, present in … Continue reading