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Unknown case # 3 – Pediatric Shoulder MRI

History: 17 year old male with shoulder pain. What is your diagnosis in this pediatric patient with left shoulder pain? What is your differential diagnosis? Comment below! For the solution, click here.

Restricted Diffusion – Differential Diagnosis

History: 70 year old male with acute right sided hemiplegia.  Many different entities can cause increased signal on diffusion weighted imaging. The differential diagnosis includes acute ischemic stroke, abscess, empyema, epidermoid cyst, lymphoma, intracerebral hematoma, encephalomyelitis, diffuse axonal injury, meningioma, and multiple sclerosis. An excellent article reviewing these entities is found here. The patient from … Continue reading

Myxoid Liposarcoma

History: 40 year old male with thigh “lump.” This is the typical appearance of a myxoid liposarcoma, which is  a malignancy of adipose tissue. Commonly they are composed of about 25% fat tissue, but they may not have fat tissue visible on imaging. Up to 75% of these occur in the deep tissues of the … Continue reading

Glioblastoma Multiforme – Ring Enhancing Lesion Differential Diagnosis

History: 55 year old male with new onset seizures. This case is a nice example of a ring enhancing mass in the brain. The typical mnemonic used for a solitary ring enhancing mass in the brain is MAGIC-DR which stands for Metastases, Abscess, Glioblastoma Multiforme, Infarct, Contusion, Demyelinating disease (tumefactive multiple sclerosis), and Radiation Necrosis … Continue reading

Sarcomatoid Mesothelioma

History: 55 year old male with a right lateral chest wall mass seen on a prior chest radiograph.  The differential diagnosis for the right lateral chest wall mass visualized in the three MR images above includes mesothelioma, primary lung carcinoma, soft tissue sarcomas such as fibrosarcoma and malignant fibrohistiocytoma, fibromatoses such as desmoid tumors and … Continue reading


History: 18 year old female with pelvic pain. On further imaging evaluation with ultrasound, the fluid filled structures in the pelvis turned out to be the right horn of a uterine didelphys and the right portion of the vagina, which was obstructed by a transverse septum. Look again at the image above. The left horn of … Continue reading

Fetal Origin of the Posterior Cerebral Artery – My Brain MRI

History: Radiology resident being scanned for a physics lesson has an incidental finding.  This is my brain MRI! The finding is called a fetal origin of the posterior cerebral artery, and it occurs when the embryonic form of the posterior cerebral artery fails to regress. It is a normal variant that occurs on either side … Continue reading

Left Middle Cerebral Artery Stroke – The susceptibility vessel sign

History: 65 year old male with acute onset slurred speech and right hemiparesis.  The susceptibility vessel sign is produced by the presence of deoxyhemoglobin within clot obstructing the left middle cerebral artery in this patient. Some articles have suggested this indicates cardioembolic stroke as an etiology.

Scrotal Fibrous Pseudotumor

History: 55 year old male with incidental lump in his scrotum.  The imaging here is essentially diagnostic of scrotal fibrous pseudotumor, particularly, the marked hypointensity on T2W MR imaging. A scrotal fibrous pseudotumor typically arises from the tunica albuginea or vaginalis and can break free to form a “scrotal mouse.”