mediastinal masses

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Contrast Enhancing Mediastinal Mass Mnemonic – CAPT CAPT

This mnemonic is commonly used to recall the differential diagnosis for contrast enhancing mediastinal masses: CAPT CAPT C – Carcinoid tumor A – Aneurysm P – Paraganglioma T – Thyroid C – Castleman A – Anuerysm (I know, its mentioned twice because you definitely don’t want to miss this one) P – Parathyroid T – … Continue reading

The 5 T’s of Anterior Mediastinal Masses

This mnemonic has been used commonly to recall the five most common anterior mediastinal masses: 5 T’s 1. T – Thymus – Thymoma¬† 2. T – Thyroid – Ectopic Thyroid masses 3. T – Thoracic Aorta – Dilated or anuerysm of the ascending aorta 4. T – Terrible lymphoma 5. T – Teratoma and germ … Continue reading