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Solution to Unknown Case #32 – Prostate Metastases To Bone

History: 70 year old male with hip pain.  This is a case of metastatic prostate cancer to bone. Prostate cancer metastases are usually sclerotic (also called osteoblastic), leading to increased opacity on x-rays and CT scans. Prostate cancer metastases also have a preference for the axial skeleton over the appendicular skeleton. The gold standard for determining … Continue reading

Solution to Unknown Case # 12 – Avulsion Fracture of the Anterior Superior Iliac Spine

History: Adolescent with hip pain.  This is an avulsion fracture of the left anterior superior iliac spine, which is due to the sartorius muscle pulling off a fragment of bone at the apophysis, which is a growth center at the tendon attachment to bone. Other common areas of seeing avulsion fractures in pediatric patients include … Continue reading

Unknown Case #12 – Pediatric Pelvis Radiograph

History: Adolescent with hip pain. What is your diagnosis? Comment and share below!