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Vasa Previa

History: 25 year old female G5P0 presents for fetal anatomy scan at 19 weeks gestational age.  This is the ultrasound appearance of vasa previa. Vasa previa is when the umbilical cord vessels course across the internal cervical os, putting the patient and baby at risk for hemorrhage during delivery. Vasa previa is seen independently of … Continue reading

Mullerian Duct Anomalies: Uterine Didelphys

History: 18 year old female with pelvic pain. This is the classic appearance of uterine didelphys. Mullerian duct anomalies are classified according to the American Fertility Society system here. Occasionally a uterine horn can become obstructed and cause hematocolpos, or hematometrocolpos.

Testicular Seminoma – Differential Diagnosis of a Testicular Mass on Ultrasound

History: 35 year old male with 2 week history of right sided scrotal swelling, persistent after a trial of antibiotics.  The differential in this case given the absence of change with antibiotic treatment and absence of symptoms of infection, includes neoplasms such as testicular seminoma, and non-seminomatous tumors such as embryonal cell (the type that … Continue reading


History: 48 year old female with chronic pelvic and flank pain and vaginal bleeding.  This patient was found to have a large cervical mass (squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix) that was obstructing both kidneys. This is the appearance of chronic hydronephrosis, with cortical thinning.

Intrauterine Device in Cervix

History: 25 year old female presents with amenorrhea and pelvic pain for 8 weeks. This patient was found to also have an intrauterine pregnancy at 19 weeks gestational age. Notice the fetal head on the left side of the image.