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Top 10 Cases from 2013

Hey all! Check it out. Below is a list of the top 10 posts from 2013, based on total annual hits. Enjoy! 1. The Differences Between the Male and Female Pelvis 2. The About page 🙂 3. Lung Mass – Differential Diagnosis 4. The Golden S Sign – Right Upper Lobe Collapse.  5. CT Neck … Continue reading

3 Tips to Formulate an Accurate and Valuable Differential Diagnosis

At the core of diagnostic radiology is the differential diagnosis. This is the set of various diagnoses that may explain certain findings on a particular radiology exam, whether it is a mass seen on ultrasound, an opacity on a chest radiograph, or abnormal signal characteristics on an MRI. I recently came across the quote above … Continue reading

Right Upper Lobe Lung Cancer with Rib Metastasis

History: Middle aged man with a history of smoking, cough, and chest pain.  This is a case of Lung Cancer with a metastasis to the contralateral ribs. Any spiculated lung mass in a patient with a history of smoking should be considered lung cancer until proven otherwise. Read this article here regarding the differential diagnosis … Continue reading

Unknown Case #21 – Abdominal Pain CT of the Abdomen and Pelvis

History: 30 year old female with HIV and abdominal pain.  What is your differential diagnosis given the findings in this 30 year old female with a history of HIV and abdominal pain? Thank you to Paul Murphy, M.D. Ph.D. for these excellent images.

Solution to Unknown Case #20 – Epididymo-orchitis

History: 5 year old boy with left scrotal pain.  This is a case of epididymitis-orchitis, which is also referred to as epididymoorchitis or acute scrotum. Epididymoorchitis is an infection of the testicle and epididymis. Orchitis alone is much less common. Ultrasound is the gold standard of diagnosis, and it classically appears as hypoechoic enlargement of the … Continue reading

Solution to Unknown Case #17 – Short 4th and 5th Metacarpals Differential Diagnosis

History: 15 year old boy with hand pain.  This is a case of short 4th and 5th metacarpals. Shortened 4th and 5th metacarpals is diagnosed by the metacarpal sign, which involves drawing a line through the heads of the 4th and 5th metacarpals. If the line intersects the head of the third metacarpal, then it … Continue reading

Lytic Bone Lesion Mnemonic – FEGNOMASHIC

This is a commonly used mnemonic to recall the differential diagnosis of lytic bone lesions: F – fibrous dysplasia, fibrous cortical defect E – enchondroma (of the tibia here or of a phalanx here), eosinophilic granuloma G – giant cell tumor N – non-ossifying fibroma O – osteoblastoma M – metastases, myeloma A – aneurysmal … Continue reading

Ring Enhancing Intracranial Mass Mnemonic – MAGIC DR

This is a commonly used mnemonic to recall the differential diagnosis for ring enhancing intracranial masses: M – Metastases A – Abscess G – Glioblastoma Multiforme I – Infarct (subacute) C – Contusion D – Demyelinating disease (such as tumefactive multiple sclerosis) R – Radiation Necrosis and Resolving hematoma