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Malleolar Fractures

History: Middle aged male with ankle pain.  Malleolar fractures are classified mainly by two classification systems, the Weber system and the Lauge-Hansen system. There are three main types of Weber fractures (A,B, and C). The Lauge-Hansen system is much more complex and divides the fractures into their mechanisms, including supination/adduction, supination/external rotation, pronation/abduction, and pronation/external … Continue reading

Pediatric Ankle Anatomy

The following images are from WikiRadiography (WetPaint) here.

Solution to Unknown Case #37 – Dorsal Talar Osteophyte: A Talar Beak Mimic

History: man with ankle pain.  This is an example of a dorsal talar osteophyte, which is a mimicker of a dorsal talar beak. A dorsal talar osteophyte indicates osteoarthrosis of the talocrural or talonavicular joint. A dorsal talar beak is seen in cases of tarsal coalitions where there are abnormal articulations typically between the calcaneus … Continue reading