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Solution to Unknown Case #39 – Pneumatosis Intestinalis with Pneumoperitoneum

This is a case of pneumatosis intestinalis with pneumoperitoneum. Pneumatosis intestinalis can be caused by many different entities. The most worrisome scenario is bowel ischemia. Small bowel ischemia is usually due to occlusion of either the superior mesenteric artery or superior mesenteric vein. Colonic ischemia is usually due to hypoperfusion. This patient underwent subtotal colectomy. … Continue reading

CT Abdomen and Pelvis Coronal Anatomy in the Male

The following slides are from WikiRadiography (WetPaint) here.  

CT of the Abdomen Axial Anatomy

These slides were taken from WikiRadiography (WetPaint) here.

Solution to Unknown Case #21 – Mesenteric Lymphadenopathy Differential Diagnosis

History: 30 year old female with HIV and abdominal pain. This case demonstrates small bowel mesenteric lymphadenopathy, which is just enlarged lymph nodes in the mesentery. The differential diagnosis along with distinguishing factors is as follows: 1. Lymphoma – the most common malignant cause of mesenteric lymphadenopathy (most commonly Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma). Will commonly show node … Continue reading

Unknown Case #21 – Abdominal Pain CT of the Abdomen and Pelvis

History: 30 year old female with HIV and abdominal pain.  What is your differential diagnosis given the findings in this 30 year old female with a history of HIV and abdominal pain? Thank you to Paul Murphy, M.D. Ph.D. for these excellent images.

Solution to Unknown Case #5 – Calyceal Diverticulum

History: 16 year old female with recurrent flank pain.  This is the appearance of a calyceal diverticulum, which is a small outpouching or eventration of a calyx into the renal parenchyma. They are usually connected by a narrow channel to the renal pelvis, as seen in the IVP image above. A calyceal diverticulum can be … Continue reading

Solution to Unknown Case # 4 – Pancreatic Psuedocyst

History: Adolescent male with abdominal swelling. This is a pancreatic pseudocyst. A pancreatic pseudocyst is a fluid collection which is surrounded by a fibrous capsule. Pancreatic pseudocysts usually contain pancreatic enzymes, tissue, debris, and sometimes blood. The differential diagnosis for this MRI appearance includes a pancreatic pseudocyst, mucinous cystic pancreatic tumor, pancreatic serous cystadenoma, and … Continue reading

Unknown Case # 4 – Pediatric Abdominal MRI

History: Adolescent male with abdominal swelling. What is your diagnosis for this pediatric patient with abdominal swelling? What is your differential diagnosis for this MRI of the abdomen? For the solution, click here.

Gallbladder Wall Thickening – Differential Diagnosis

History: 55 year old male with right upper quadrant pain.  The normal gallbladder wall should measure 3 mm or less on ultrasound imaging. The differential diagnosis for diffuse gallbladder wall thickening includes cholecystitis, hepatitis, volume overload states such as heart failure, liver failure, and renal failure, hypoproteinemia, portal hypertension, and more rare causes such as … Continue reading


History: 50 year old female with abdominal swelling and pain.  This is the appearance of splenomegaly on CT. The normal spleen measures less than 13 cm in length. The differential diagnosis for splenomegaly is usually divided into blood flow problems (AKA: hemodynamics) such as congestive heart failure and portal hypertension, hematologic conditions such as polycythemia … Continue reading