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Solution to Unknown Case # 8 – Luckenschadel Skull versus Copper Beaten Skull

History: Infant with a congenital anomaly.  This is the appearance of a Luckenschadel (or lacunar) skull. Luckenschadel skull is a congenital defect in the skull that results from abnormal membranous ossification. It is associated with Chiari II malformations, which includes the following features: 1. Cerebellar tonsil herniation through foramen magnum due to a small posterior … Continue reading

Solution to Unknown Case # 6 – Subclavian Steal Syndrome

History: 60 year old female with arm pain.  This is a case of subclavian steal syndrome. Subclavian steal syndrome occurs when there is an occluded subclavian artery and collateral blood flow to the distal subclavian artery and arm is provided by reversed flow in the ipsilateral vertebral artery. As seen in the MR angiogram image … Continue reading

Unknown Case # 6 – Neck Vascular Ultrasound and MRA of the Aorta

History: 60 year old female with arm pain.  What is your diagnosis? Can you identify the salient findings? Comment, share, like, and pin below! Credit to Paul Murphy, M.D., Ph.D. for sharing these beautiful images!

Pediatric Foreign Body Ingestion

History: Male child with a parent worried he swallowed a coin. This is a case of pediatric foreign body ingestion. The most common pediatric foreign body ingestion is a coin, and in this case the coin was a penny. Pennies commonly lodge within the lower cervical esophagus, at the level of the thoracic inlet, as … Continue reading

Submandibular Space Abscess

History: 50 year old male with mouth pain and swelling. This is a submandibular space abscess. Head and neck anatomy is some of the most complex anatomy in the human body. The submandibular space is superior the hyoid bone, lateral or superficial to the mylohyoid muscle sling, and deep to the platysma muscle. It is … Continue reading

Acute Sinusitis

History: 45 year old female with congestion and headache. This is the appearance of acute sinusitis on CT. Sinusitis is inflammation of the sinuses as a result of infection with a virus, bacteria, or fungus. Usually patients do not need imaging for diagnosing sinusitis as it is diagnosed clinically by history and physical exam. However, sinusitis … Continue reading

Odontogenic Sinusitis

History: 50 year old man with headache.  This is a case of odontogenic sinusitis, which is inflammation in a sinus adjacent to odontogenic infeciton or sinusitis as a result of sinus entry during dental surgery. The differential diagnosis includes sinus disease of other origins such as fungal sinusitis or bacterial superinfection after a viral URI, … Continue reading

Periapical Tooth Abscess – The spectrum of apical periodontitis

  History: 50 year old man with jaw pain.    This is an example of a tooth abscess, or periapical abscess. The lucency in the maxilla indicated by the yellow arrow is somewhat nonspecific and may be secondary to tooth loosening, however, the adjacent maxillary sinus mucosal thickening argues for the case of an abscess. … Continue reading

Left Internal Carotid Artery Occlusion

History: 70 year old male with acute onset right hemiparesis and slurred speech.  On this CT angiogram of the neck, the left internal carotid artery appears completely occluded, however, technically complete arterial occlusion can only be diagnosed on conventional catheter angiogram by ruling out a possible “string sign.”  This patient went on to have a … Continue reading

Parathyroid Adenoma

History: 50 year old female with a hot nodule on a prior Tc-99m Sestamibi scan and hypercalcemia. Given the history of hypercalcemia and hot nodule on the prior Tc-99m Sestamibi scan, this is compatible with a parathyroid adenoma, which was confirmed at surgery. Hyperparathyroidism was the etiology of the patient’s hypercalcemia.