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ABR Core Exam Recalls

The American Board of Radiology Core Examination is administered every June in Tucson and Chicago. Given that residents are likely starting to ramp up their studying efforts this time of year, I thought I should write this post on recall questions. The more time that passes, the fewer questions I will remember to post below. So without further adieu, a list of recall questions is below:



If I was to do that, I would be violating the ABR Exam Security Policy. But there are a few things that are allowed to be discussed regarding the Core examination. From the Exam Security policy directly: “It is permissible to discuss topics covered on the exam, the manner of test administration, and test-taking strategy. It is fine to say, “There is a lot of ; I had almost no_.” Additionally, Exam preparation groups, as well as topical reviews, are permitted and encouraged as means of preparation for examinations. The writing of sample questions and sample examinations, and the simulation of the exam setting, are also permitted and encouraged, as long as the questions used are not recalled questions.”

Given that test-taking strategy tips are permitted, here are a few of mine below:

  1. The ABR Core exam is given over two days, and the topics seem to be pretty segregated, meaning that if you have no neuro or chest questions on day 1, then you can count on a lot of neuro and chest questions on day 2. You can use this to your advantage to study, for example, the Fleischner criteria the evening before day 2 if you didn’t have any chest questions on day 1.
  2. The questions are straight forward. Don’t listen to the forum posts on AuntMinnie. Its show you an image, ask for the diagnosis. No long vignettes like USMLE.
  3. When I took the ABR Core exam Huda was still doing physics reviews. Huda’s physics course is worth every penny multiplied by 100. His sample questions are spot on. The physics questions on the ABR Core exam are extremely straight forward. Do Huda’s course if you can, or somehow get a hold of his material.
  4. Jacob Mandell Core Radiology is worth its weight in gold. Read it at least once.
  5. Radprimer has some good question sections and some ridiculously irrelevant questions. Radprimer to the ABR Core exam is not like USMLEWorld to USMLE Step 1 where you could pretty accurately correlate your score on USMLEWorld with how good you would do on USMLE Step 1.
  6. Crack the Core is pretty good, but the ABR Core Exam has almost zero eponyms on the test and this book spends too much time on them. Also, when I read it there were not enough images in it.
  7. I believe the ABR. If you read one general radiology review book, attend your programs conferences, do a few review questions, a physics review course, and pay attention at work, the ABR Core exam is a totally passable test.

If you have any specific questions, please contact me.

Good luck!



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